Two month ago, I decide to do a project about machine learning. So, I get start to learn machine learning and implemment some algorithms of ML.
I find that there is a course in MIT – 6.034 Artificial Intelligence which contain a lot of funny labs. That will help me to learn ML.

I don’t want to write a lot of analysis article about this course like what I have done in 6.008 . So, I just push my solution which also is incompletement onto github. If anyone interesting in this lab, you could touch me and I would like to communicate with you about these labs if I’m not busy.

What you should know is that the version of this labs is updated in 2015.

Here is the link you could get my solution:
My Solution of MIT 6.034

Photo by Jason Leaster

Thanks god. There is a beautiful girl in my life and encourage me walk through the dark time of my life. Thank you. Annabella.